About the Owners:


We are your littlest big pet store located in Orem. We’ve been locally owned and operating since 1972! Our owner Mike was born and raised in Hawaii where he managed his first pet store. Since then, his dream was to own his own pet store and educate families on pets and exotic animals. Jeanny is from California and pretty much grew up on a farm. One of her dreams as a child was to be a vet but life led her in a different direction. We finally purchased Animal Ark from our mom and pop owners in 2017 and we’ve been having tons of fun since! Together we have 2 little dogs, Stella (Pomeranian) and Coco (Yorkie), 1 Caique (Mochi), 1 Parrotlet (Billy Jean), 1 Bunny (Daisy), 1 Tortoise (Maui), and 2 Turkeys (Buscuit and Gravy).

We hope we can provide our customers with a better insight and appreciation for all living creatures and even plants. Our biggest hope is to help you understand the care and needs for your pets before they leave our little shop.

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